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We are here to make a difference.

CTL Africa carries out the core business of the Focus Life Group, namely, training and developing individuals into transformational leaders, able to lead themselves and others and influencing significant change and development in their communities and in Africa. CTL Africa aims to bridge the gap between traditional education and real life by providing knowledge, programmes, and facilities necessary for successful living but which are not thought in schools. This includes leadership principles in all aspects of life (self-leadership, Business leadership (Entrepreneurship), Political leadership, etc).

Our Vision

To make a difference in the lives of the millions of people we encounter in Africa by enabling them to achieve all their dreams and become more than they thought they could be.

Our Mission

To progressively unearth the God-given potentials of Africans by identifying and developing individuals who will become self-leaders, making them useful to themselves and society at large hence making a difference in their lives so that they too cal carry it forward.

Focus Life Group's CTL Africa is focused on working hand in hand with people to achieve success in their personal and professional lives by gaining a better understanding of their unique talents and overall experiences. Our work will help people uncover hidden strengths, better manage weaknesses and understand how to achieve their ambitions, objectives and goals. At CTL Africa, we strive to help people bolster their strengths and understand their weaknesses to become more effective business and community leaders. We will bring an objective perspective, to the decision-making process. We are looking forward to working with hundreds of people from many different experiences, interests and industries. Our focus is to equip people with the tools they need to accomplish their desired goals.

What’s Next? In your family? Career? Business? 5-Year Plan?
We offer a range of services, from life and career planning to executive leadership training, to guide you to the best answers to these questions based on your God-given strengths and weaknesses. At CTL Africa, we provide the tools and one-on-one guidance you need to face life’s biggest decisions. From future leaders to successful businessmen and women, we work with people to help you answer three important questions: Who am I? Where am I going? How am I going to get there? After our work, their dreams are closer to becoming a reality, their problems seem more manageable, and they are able to face life and its difficulties with a more thoughtful and confident approach.

In today’s interdependent and rapidly changing world, numerous challenges threaten our ability to create a sustainable society. Now, more than ever, we need strong leaders from within our businesses, governments, schools, and organizations to help navigate our way through these difficulties. Yet leaders are too often perceived as corrupt, self-serving, or misguided – and sometimes for good reason.

True leadership requires both a compelling future vision and an ability to inspire and motivate across diverse constituencies. Research on leadership has substantiated that the capacity to positively and strongly influence others is highly related to a leader’s character and personal values. Great leaders who understand and embody their core values are able to transform the aspirations of those around them and align their efforts with a purpose that transcends individual gain.

Leadership today includes dealing with global forces such as diversity, interdependence and continuous change. To take advantage of these forces, leaders must build adaptive capacity. This requires ongoing practice with deep learning, personal growth and developing new competencies. CTL Africa helps cultivate this by using innovative and integrative leadership development practices that generate real impact for you, your team, your organisation and community. We offer customised hands-on and personal support for leaders to deepen their practice. This can be through individualised coaching, team development or companywide programs. The results are increased leadership effectiveness, greater complexity of awareness and the cultivation of collective adaptive capacity.

We believe developing your lenses to identify and handle complex issues is a key element to create great results. When working with us you will be challenged on how you make meaning of the world around you. Your leadership skills and thinking will be assessed and you will grow as both a person and leader. To make that happen we will work with both you and the systems you take part in. We aim to integrate profound personal growth with Leadership as a Service. This combination arises from our experience that the development of consciousness, integrity and skilful means as individuals is essential as a foundation for leadership. From this foundation, acts of leadership can emerge as called forth in service of greater goods on the organisational level as well as for communities of all scales.

We begin with you; who are you, what is your situation, needs and desires? We use assessments that enable us to map your journey with you and give you penetrating insights into your impact on others and the core of your own thinking. We apply this to program design and delivery for individual coaching and for scaling this work to teams and organisations.
The range of tools and services are focused on awareness-based leadership development.



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